• Peaceland Properties have the following properties for rent as of today. If you are interested in applying, please complete the application thru Zillow.  We require only first and last month’s rent to move in if you can show proof of income approximately three times the rent amount and no prior evictions. Pet policy applies if any pets. If in case you are not able to show proof of income three times the rent amount, we require an additional one more month rent before move in. Call us at 863-243-9191 or 863-243-9046  to discuss if you have any special situations. We will do our best to accommodate everyone to meet their housing needs.

Lake Placid:

  • 420 Plaza Ave, #108, 2/1, $975/month, water included
  • 910 Fernglen Ave, Unit A, 3/1, $1,195/month, 
  • 910 Fernglen Ave, Unit B, 1/1, $900/month
  • 102 Tidewater Dr, 3/2, $1,250/month
  • 153 Lake June Dr, 3/2, $1,400/month


  • 1513 Citrus Ave, 2/1, $850/month

Avon Park:

  • No Vacancies


  • No Vacancies


  • No Vacancies